As the popularity of the Mia Brazilia Collection has grown, I have been able to introduce my brand to a myriad, new fitness and lifestyle trends. One of these lifestyle and health trends that has gained national and international prominence is Pole Dancing, a discipline that is attracting both the hardcore,fitness buff and the weekend novice. I am proud that Mia Brazilia has achieved significant market share in this exploding hobby and have been invited on several occasions by my pole dancing, wholesale accounts to participate in Pole Dancing classes and events. Needles to say, I love it! The health, fitness, and holistic benefits of Pole Dancing are profound and dynamic. Here are five benefits of pole dancing that will surely make you sit up and take notice and give it a shot yourself:
1.) Cardiovascular benefit:
  • At the outset of any Pole Dancing session, the participant quickly realizes that this workout is not simply twirling around a stationary pole. Each session is comprised of strength moves and stations, demanding three to four minutes of continuous movement that will accelerate your heart rate. Many pole dancing classes will allow you to reach your optimal, maximum oxygen capacity (VO2) of 80%-90% cardio exertion, enabling you to lose weight over time and strengthen you conditioning. If you decide to begin training for a pole dancing competition, the next three to four months of training will be geared toward creating a four to five minute routine for the competition. The cardio demands of working up toward this 4-5 minute routine cannot be understated. Your increased metabolic rate will lean and tone your body immediately.
2.) Core benefit:
  • Have you ever wondered why most pole dancing competitors have ripped abs and strong torsos? Well, take a Pole Dancing class at your nearby studio and one will quickly learn why. During a typical pole workout, each participant will be engaging long, dormant primary and secondary core and auxiliary muscle groups that a simple, gym visit rarely can replicate. The anti-gravitational and freestyle, bodyweight strength stations prohibits any mechanical assistance by weight training machines and isolates your core muscle groups like no other workout.  Plus, unlike routine situps or ab crunches, you are able to do something fun and artistic at the same time that you are developing rippling abs!
3.) Improved Coordination and Balance Benefit:
  • A proper pole dancing routine necessitates a requisite balance and coordination. Learning how to derive and control twists, spins, and pivots will demand a commensurate strengthening of muscle groups within the activated regions of the body. Just as your core muscles will benefit from these exacting demands, so too will your back muscle groups. This development in turn will strengthen your spine and allow an improvement in your general postural awareness. Having good posture is critical to improved lung function, healthy digestion, and avoidance of lower back pain and muscle stiffness, common maladies that affect up to 80% of adults by age 50.
4.) Flexibility Benefit:
  • The artistic yet challenging twirls and pivots around the pole will compel the body to stretch in a controlled manner that ultimately will benefit your body's overall flexibility. Since your body is operating against gravity to gain leverage on the pole, flexibility is essential to success for any pole dancing pose. Whether it is a back bend, aerial split, or leg extension, the pole dancer's ability to create the movement shape without any leverage or gravitational assistance is a formidable challenge. Improved flexibility enables the pole dancing savant to ward off injury, expedite the recovery phase of workouts, and supply the muscles and joints of the body with healthier blood flow and durability.
5.) Holistic Benefit:
  • One of the most beneficial side effects of Pole Dancing is not physical, but rather, psychological: when performing or practicing a pole dancing routine, powerful endorphins are released by your brain, creating a feeling of happiness and enthusiasm for many participants. While any exercise can be helpful in combating depression, pole dancing fitness allows you the added benefit of exercising with uplifting music and a great group of people around you. This physical and emotionally-stimulating environment is a wonderful antidote to stress. Being part of an esoteric group of women, possessing alluring and seductive dance moves further empowers women and their bodies. The provocative, sensuous moves in a pole dancing session can make you feel more attractive and radiate greater self-confidence, even while you are toning up and losing weight.
The benefits of Pole Dancing are multi-faceted yet undeniable: Cardio, Core, Coordination, Flexibility, and Holistic self-awareness are some of the benefits derived from participation in a pole dancing class. Take a spin around the pole and see for yourself!