Mia Brazilia is proud to announce that the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League are the latest organization to fully embrace the revolutionary Mia Brazilia Bottom Band! With training camp underway, the Browns players can now reap the health and fitness benefits of our highly-specialized, elastic composite Band. In less than one year, the Bottom Band has already received national, industry-wide recognition and a dedicated following of thousands of men and women worldwide who enjoy the superior construction and craftsmanship, resistance elements, and portability features offered by our Band. For any strength training workout, whether at a top-notch, NFL training facility or at the local gym, the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band has become an indispensable accessory to complement traditional free weight and machine-based regimens and meet targeted fitness goals.
The Mia Brazilia Bottom Band removes any obstacle (or excuse) created by travel or immobility. Whether stationed in a hotel room or at home, the band is lightweight and easy to fit into any bag, suitcase, or purse. Even the smallest available utilization of space can accommodate the completion of a Mia Brazilia Bottom Band workout circuit. Simply fit the band around your thigh, knee, shin, or ankle region (depending on the exercise goal) and immediately engage and recruit more muscle regions than any free weight or machine-based strength training program could ever hope to offer. Unlike the simulated movement of a bicep curl using a dumbbell or a shoulder press from a machine, the so-called "Time Under Tension" (or TUT) is substantially longer and more challenging with resistance band training. That is, the amount of time your recruited muscles are placed under direct strain during an exercise sequence is longer due to the necessity of the individual to control resistance in BOTH concentric and eccentric movement planes. Thus, unlike a traditional bicep, dumbbell  curl (where you are offered NO resistance at the bottom phase of the curl), training with a Mia Brazilia Bottom Band requires constant activation of affected muscle groups without any rest due to the increased and constant instability that the band places on the individual.
While fitness enthusiasts are often weighed down by the costly and cumbersome monthly fees of a gym membership or purchasing expensive weight sets for the home gym, the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band is attractively priced at only $30 per band! Our band-based approach to build muscle, enhance cardio and stamina, and improve range of motion is a far more affordable and cost-effective alternative for both the beginner and experienced fitness advocate. The Bottom Band's specialized elastic composite material creates an ideal level of resistance without negatively affecting posture, like so many other resistance bands currently on the market. In addition, our Band never loses structural integrity if a customer chooses to stretch the band to a maximum level (a common problem associated with many brands of resistance bands currently in the marketplace). With proper instruction (watch my 10-minute "Mia Brazilia Bottom Band Workout Video Guide" currently available at www.miabrazilia.com for challenging Bottom Band exercise concepts and ideas) and controlled, deliberate movements, your Bottom Band experience will deliver improved mobility, postural awareness, and enhanced metabolism almost immediately.
Guess what our proudest talking point of the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band happens to be? Each band is made right here in the United States of America! Every Mia Brazilia Bottom Band is conceived and carefully constructed at our San Diego-based facility. We are proud to say, "MADE IN THE U.S.A!"
Mia Brazilia would like to thank the Cleveland Browns for their support of the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band. We believe your players will quickly gain an appreciation and understanding of why the Bottom Band has revolutionized the fitness industry since its launch in 2018. Purchase your own Mia Brazilia Bottom Band at our online store at www.miabrazilia.com for only $30.00 and enjoy the legendary health and fitness benefits for yourself. Step into the band. The Mia Brazilia Bottom Band!