With the United States and the rest of the world still adjusting to the new realities of daily life borne from the coronavirus pandemic shutdown, millions of Americans and citizens around the world have been unable to visit their local gym or fitness studio. For many of those affected, this new, potentially indefinite environment has sown panic and anxiety for fitness buffs as daily and weekly exercise schedules are severely impacted and adversely affected. As the owner of the successful, San Diego-based women's activewear company, Mia Brazilia, I can attest to the adverse effect this quarantine has imposed on not only my business model, but, my daily exercise schedule as well. We have been compelled to adapt by relocating our workout regimen to our homes. As daunting as this adaptation might sound on the surface, however, the truth is that this crisis presents an opportunity for all of us to embrace and incorporate novel, innovative workout ideas into our staid, recognizable fitness routine. Mia Brazilia offers the following four, stay at home workout stations for better health:

1.) Side Plank

The side plank is a classic, beginner station to develop your hips, abdominals, and butt. Not so ironically, those three body groups are among the most sought-after goals of my loyal, Mia Brazilia customer base. Assume a starting position by lying on your left side on the floor of your home with your right leg lying directly over your left leg. Bend your knees to remain in a comfortable pose. Raise your upper body to support yourself on your left arm. During this movement, insure that your left elbow remains bent at a 90 degree angle and aligned directly underneath your shoulder. Line up your head with your spine and make sure that you keep your hips and lower knee in continuous contact with the floor. Begin the upward stage of the side plank by lifting your hips off the floor while tightening your core region and breathing correctly. You should be maintaining proper alignment between your head and your spine while keeping your knee in contact with the ground. Once you have reached this point of the plank, slowly return yourself to the original, starting position. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions on each side to maximize this station.

2.) Front Plank

Do you want a fitter back and abdominal section to showcase that Mia Brazilia figure? The front plank can definitely deliver that goal within weeks. Begin by lying on your stomach on the floor of your home. Tuck your elbows inside close to the side of the body and directly under your shoulders. Palms of each hand should be face down with the hands facing forward. Extend both legs by contracting your quadriceps and guide the toes of your feet toward your shins. Tighten the core region to maintain optimal torso contraction. Begin the front plank exercise by slowly lifting your torso off the floor, while maintaining strict, stiff form for your torso and legs. Do not arch your back, shrug your shoulders, or bend the knees during this initial step. Keep your shoulders stationed directly over the elbows with the palms facing down. Hold this prone position for at least 5 seconds. To complete the front plank, continue by slowly lowering your body back toward the floor while maintaining your strict torso posture and extended knee positioning. Execute 10-12 receptions for optimal benefits.

3.) Glute-Driver Lunge

Whenever one of my Mia Brazilia customers approaches me and asks which do-it-yourself, home exercise is my favorite, I typically respond with the glute-driver lunge. The engagement of my abdominals, glutes, hips, legs, and thighs during this workout station is unparalleled. Begin this specialized lunge by standing with your feet together and your arms elevated in front to shoulder height. Your elbows will need to be fully extended. Now, slowly drop the shoulders down and back without arching your lower back and tighten your core region to strengthen the spine. Step out laterally with the left foot pointed to the 3 o'clock position. Once the foot is returned to the floor of your home, bend at the hips and push them backward while also shifting your body weight over the left foot. Continue shifting the weight until your shin region runs vertical to the floor and your knee is aligned directly over the second or third toe of the left foot. Your right leg should be near full extension while keeping the left foot flat on the floor. The heels for both feet should remain flat on the floor. While lunging, engage your upper body by moving your arms and leaning your torso in the opposite direction to the lunge movement, concentrating the load on your glutei muscle area. Defiantly push off with your front leg, engaging both your quads and glutes in order to return to your upright, start pose. Repeat this glute-driver lunge technique for at least 10-12 repetitions on each side to maximize activation of your glute muscles and develop that Mia Brazilia booty!

4.) Hip Rombas

Another challenging yet exhilarating stay at home, workout exercise is the Hip Romba, dedicated to the toning of the abdominals, glutes, hips, and thighs. Who doesn't like looking toned in their stylish, sexy Mia Brazilia outfit? Pirouetting off the traditional push-up, the Hip Romba starts by kneeling on the floor of your home and placing your feet together behind you. Bend forward to place your palms flat on the floor with your hands shoulder width apart. Adjust your weight forward until your shoulders are situated directly over your hands. Insure that there is no bending at the hips or knees while applying full extension of the body. Tighten your torso and keep your head along the same plane as your spine. Point your toes toward your shin while placing your feet together. Begin the rotational demands of this exercise by slowly one knee upwards toward your chest, bending the knee and flexing at the hip. Refrain from any shift of your hips or lower back upward or sagging downward. Once you have reached this knee-tuck posture, rotate your hips so that you effortlessly move your bent leg across the front of the torso without dropping or rotating the hips. Continue this sweeping gesture until the hips cannot rotate any further. Make sure that the head and spine remain aligned during this process. Pause and breathe. Now, rotate in the opposite direction and away from your torso, again rotating your hips until they can't rotate any further. Repeat 8-12 times per direction for maximum benefit.

Like many companies and individuals, Mia Brazilia has been forced to adapt to a new way of life in the wake of this current pandemic. No longer can we host pop-up shows at area gyms or attend special events like yoga conventions or pole dancing trade shows. For the time being, all daily obligations and goals need to be met from the comforts of home. However, Mia Brazilia offers this suggestion: step away from the professional and social tumult and dedicate a period of time each day to nourish your physical health. Following the four, stay at home workout stations of the side plank, front plank, Glute-driver lunge, and Hip Romba will challenge you physically and mentally, yet keep you refreshed and fit during these trying times. Be good to yourself................and your body!