When i first conceived of my Mia Brazilia Collection back in 2004, I was motivated to design an innovative, activewear line that flattered a woman's derriere. By adding distinct  lines and rouching in the butt region, a Mia Brazilia customer could enjoy a comfortable fit while celebrating (rather than shrinking) her active physique. With the popularity of the fitness industry at an all-time high, legions of women nationwide have worked hard to develop and sculpt their booties. Nonetheless, whenever I am at a Mia Brazilia pop-up show, I am always asked the question, "How can I sculpt my butt?" The following five, simple exercises are tailored to emphatically answer that question:
1.) Mia Brazilia Bottom Band Knee Flares
  • Purchase a Mia Brazilia Bottom Band from the Mia Brazilia online store (www.miabrazilia.com) for only $30.00.  Place the Bottom Band above your knees. Lay on your left side with your knees bent, feet stationed together, and your body resting on your left elbow. Slowly left your right (or top) knee up and back in one motion, keeping your feet touching for the entirety of the movement. Repeat this step 15-20 times and then switch sides by laying on your right side of your body. Repeat another 15-20 repetitions. Throughout this demanding routine, your outer glutes and outer thigh regions will be directly engaged and benefit from a slow, deliberate, and controlled cycle of Bottom Band knee flares.
2.) Glute Bridges
  • This glute-burning exercise is one of my personal favorites. Lay on your back while situating your feet hip-width apart to insure your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Gently place your head, neck, shoulders, and arms on the ground. Begin the glute bridge station by squeezing from your glutes and lifting your butt off the floor as high as you can go, making sure your upper body remains on the floor. Next, lift up your left leg and tap your right knee with your left foot. Slowly return your foot to the ground, keeping your butt raised. Continue for 40-50 seconds and then repeat this step on the opposite side. This challenging exercise activates both your glutes and abdominal muscles due to the stress placed on raising your hips off the ground. You will definitely feel the burn performing glute bridges!
3.) Single-Leg Deadlift
  • Begin the single-leg deadlift by standing up erect with your feet hip-width apart. With your right foot firmly planted on the ground, step your left foot back about one feet with your heel oriented off the ground. While engaging your glutes, hinge at your hip section and slowly reach your hands towards your feet, maintaining a straight back and permitting your right leg to lift off the ground behind you as a counter-stress. Lower yourself until your hands are shin-height, then activate your glutes to straighten your right leg and stand up erect again. Continue this cycle for 40-50 seconds before switching sides and repeating the 40-50 second cycle. The single-leg deadlift stimulates your glutes, abdominals, and legs for an invigorating full-body workout.
4.) Lateral Lunge with Burpee
  • The lunge and the squat are two of the most common exercises to recommend for men and women aspiring for a more sculpted booty and lower-body. Combining both the lunge and squat into ONE booty-sculpting, functional training station, the lateral lunge with burpee will necessitate strength, stability, coordination, and patience. Begin by standing with feet hip-width apart. With your left foot, step to the side, bending your knee and pushing your glutes back into a smooth, lateral lunge. Insure that your knees remain over your toes during the lateral lunge. Activate your glutes to push off your left foot and return to a standing position. Displacing your weight in your heels, slowly bend your knees and activate your glutes to squat down, lowering your hands gently to the ground. Plant your hands and then proceed to walk your feet backwards until you are in a traditional plank position. Now, walk your feet back up to meet your hands before engaging your glutes to return to your original standing position. Try to perform this multi-step cycle for 40-50 seconds before repeating the identical routine on the opposite side. The lateral lunge with burpee is not for the faint of heart, but, adding this booty-blasting station to your weekly fitness regimen will shape and tighten your glutes and core region significantly.
5.) Mia Brazilia Bottom Band Lateral Walk
  • Place  your Mia Brazilia Bottom Band around your ankles. Stand in a quarter-squat position with your feet stationed hip-width apart. Situate your hands either on your chest or on your hips. Take a step to your left with your left foot in such a manner that your feet remain shoulder width apart. Follow with your right foot so that your feet are in the original hip-width apart orientation. Take three steps to the left and then three steps to the right. This constitutes one repetition. Perform 15-20 repetitions. During each lateral walk, it is important to keep your weight in the central part of the body and the core region engaged throughout. Constant tension must be maintained in the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band. This focus and attention to detail will ensure that you don't make the common mistake of overusing your quad muscles during the lateral walk.
Developing a well-shaped butt has become a highly sought after, lifestyle phenomenon over the last decade. A sculpted butt and core region will accelerate peak performance inside and outside the gym. Embracing and incorporating the five, simple exercises of Mia Brazilia Bottom Band Knee Flares, Glute Bridges, Single-Leg Deadlifts, Lateral Lunges with Burpees, and Mia Brazilia Bottom Band Lateral Walks into your weekly fitness regimen will enable you to acquire that enviable butt that you've always dreamed of owning!