Has your fitness workout regimen grown stale over the last few years? Are you finding that the beneficial effects from your weekly jogging routine or weight lifting at the gym has peaked? With the promise of a new year upon us, why not adopt and embrace a new fitness schedule for 2019 that will enliven and embolden your body, mind, and spirit? These five, popular fitness trends for 2019 will surely deliver the health and fitness results you have been looking for:
1.) High-Intensity Interval Training
With the growing popularity of OrangeTheory and F45 Studios nationwide, high intensity interval training has never been more readily available to the general population. By alternating between high intensity and lower intensity, the average participant is challenged with a shorter, yet more demanding workout with shorter and fewer breaks. This platform enables you to experience a comprehensive aerobic and anaerobic experience.......at the same time! Perform 2-3 sessions per week to maximize the weight loss, muscle toning, and cardiovascular benefits of high intensity interval training.
2.) Streaming your Fitness Workout
Chances are that you have seen the commercials for a  myriad fitness companies like Peloton and NordicTrac that have designed optimal streaming workout routines for the busy professional or parent. Start a subscription with one of these innovative, fitness streaming services and enjoy the convenience of being able to work out in the comfort of your own home or while traveling on the road. The self-discipline that a streaming workout subscription service encourages will enable you to maintain your health and fitness goals for 2019 and beyond.
3.) Group Training Classes
An ideal alternative to anyone whose motivation to go outside or go to the gym is waning, group training classes enables you to feed off the energy and competitive spirit of your group surrounding. Whether a spinning class or a weekly jogging/hiking group, this exercise option facilitates the desire to see to it that your ultimate health and fitness goals are reached. Furthermore, studies have shown that group training classes dramatically increase the TOTAL time spent exercising per week, adding to the overall weight-loss and health benefits for each participant.
4.) On-Person Fitness Technology
With the advent of FitBit and AppleWatch, fitness advocates have the opportunity to track and monitor their fitness and health goals in a measured, scientific way that our parents and grandparents could only dream about. It has never been more easy to set daily or weekly fitness and health goals. Whether your goal is to reach 20,000 steps per day or walk three miles per day, purchasing on-person fitness technology is a wonderful motivating force to keep you from hitting your fitness wall in 2019.
5.) Invest in a Personal Trainer
Often, our biggest obstacle to "burn out" and an inability to achieve our long-term, fitness goals lies in........ourselves. Maintaining rigid, doctrinaire exercise or weight training habits at the gym or outdoors is a surefire way to inhibit your fitness and health evolution. Your body needs to be challenged periodically by different, diverse exercise modalities that "fire up" dormant, secondary and tertiary muscle groups of your body. A Personal Trainer can be an ideal fitness advisor to assist you in warding off the propensity to repeat training patterns that offer limited physical feedback long-term. A qualified trainer will assess your fitness goals and needs and customize a fitness program that will offer fresh, innovative exercise stations that will shock and stimulate those long-dormant, "non-firing" muscle groups.
By adopting high-intensity interval training, streaming workout services, group training sessions, on-person fitness technology, and personal training, you can avoid the discouragement of seeing your fitness and health regimen stagnate. Entering 2019, These readily-accessible five fitness favorites will let you regain the enthusiasm and motivation that will result in a healthier mind, body, and soul.w