As a mother, wife, and business entrepreneur, it is important for me to adopt healthy, snack alternatives that provide optimal energy for me to prosper under a demanding family and work schedule. Several Mia Brazilia customers have approached me at shows and events, noting the myriad snacks that i often have on hand to invigorate my work day. The following list of five, healthy snacks offer a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and protein that can facilitate and improve your physical and intellectual energy:
1.) Nuts
Nuts have long held positive feedback in medical literature due to their linkage to a reduced risk for heart disease and mitigation of certain cancers. Although high in fat, nuts achieve the perfect balance between healthy fat, protein, and fiber that most nutritionists recommend. Bonus: a bag of mixed nuts is incredibly convenient for carrying with you on the go, as they require no refrigeration at all!
2.) Greek Yogurt
Along with nuts, greek yogurt can be found at any modern grocery chain including Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. In addition to the spike in protein, greek yogurt also affords the consumer an ideal source of calcium and potassium. It is also highly portable for a convenient option for the busy professional.
3.) Apple or Celery Slices with Peanut Butter
One of my favorite snacks, fruit or vegetable slices with peanut butter deliver a delicious taste while offering a raft of health benefits. Apples are high in fiber and antioxidants, improving your digestive tract and reducing cardiac disease risk. Studies on Peanut butter have independently shown an elevation in "good" cholesterol or HDL cholesterol and a reduction in "bad" cholesterol or LDL cholesterol.
4.) Hard Boiled Eggs
When pressed for time during the work week, boil some eggs the night before and bring one with you each day of the week. Eggs are a dynamic food source that include essential protein, minerals, and vitamin K2 and B12. Like the other snack options, hard boiled eggs are quite filling, enabling a reduction in caloric intake for several hours in a manner that benefits weight-loss.
5.) Individual Fruit
The least complicated, tried-and-true snack option for most of us is a simple piece of fruit like a banana or apple. Easily portable, these individual fruits require no preparation, are incredibly satisfying in the taste department, and offer a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and healthy carbohydrates that can kickstart the body at any point of the day.
Nuts, Greek Yogurt, Fruit and Vegetable Slices with Peanut Butter, Hard Boiled Eggs, and Individual Fruit are just five of the many, healthy snacks that i incorporate into my daily diet. All five snacks are highly portable, easy to prepare, and provide immediate health and energy benefit. Lastly, one other benefit can't be ignored: each of the five snacks taste great! Try one of these snacks yourself in the next week!