With the holiday season upon us, the irresistible  temptations offered by delicious entrees and delectable treats, not to mention customary cocktails, can contrive to overthrow any proactive, Healthy Lifestyle Plan. To protect yourself from that unwelcome weight gain, Mia Brazilia has provided a list of 5 healthy, lifestyle habits that will keep your body firm, fit, and energetic through the Christmas family dinners, buffets, and holiday parties:
1.) Weather-proof you Plan
  • It is not realistic to assume you can control what food you are served during this time of year. However, it is prudent and wise to adhere as close as possible to your normal meal time of the day in order to keep your blood sugar level balanced.
  • If you desire a sweet at a hosted party or event, then counter that indulgence by cutting back elsewhere on your carbohydrate and fat intake.
  • NEVER skip a meal in order to save up for a large meal later in the day! Your body will wreak havoc on your natural, appetite suppressant by inciting you to over-eat to overcompensate.
2.) Resist Buffet-style Indulgence
  •  When confronted by the inevitable smorgasbord cornucopia of goodies on the buffet table, take a SMALL plate and fill it with the foods you like best and immediately leave the buffet table
  • Eat vegetables first to leaven your appetite
  • Eat slowly and purposely, keeping in mind that it takes 15-20 minutes before your brain realizes that you are full
  • Avoid alcohol or limit it to a modest amount while eating food. This ensures that your lowering blood sugar level can re-stabilize
3.) Do NOT Deny Yourself your Favorites
  • We all have our favorite, holiday treats. Just be sure to monitor your serving size. That way, you are not denying yourself any of the pleasure, but, rather minimizing any unhealthy downside.
4.) Deploy that Physical Activity!
  • This is the time of the year when that holiday temptation of "excuse making" rears its unhealthy head: "I have too much shopping to do," "I have to prepare for hosting the family dinner," "I have too many parties to go to,"...........all of those excuses should NOT dissuade you from engaging in plenty of physical activity to reduce the holiday stress.......and weight gain. A daily walk in the neighborhood, short trip to the gym, or an invigorating hike after a family meal can all minimize the the myriad holiday temptations.
5.) Get Plenty of Sleep
  • One of the most underreported casualties during the holiday season is sleep. Without the necessary 7-8 hours per night, the proclivity to eat more and choose high-fat, high-sugar foods dramatically increases. Thus, your blood sugar levels can spike to unhealthy levels. Get plenty of sleep and resist the temptation of staying out late at night. Your body will thank you in the morning.
Holiday temptations abound this time of year to disconnect you from your normal, healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Hopefully, these 5 Healthy Lifestyle Steps can serve as a helpful guide to make your holiday season enjoyable, yet healthy and refreshing as well! Happy Holidays!