As busy, working mother, it is sometimes a challenge to maintain discipline in retaining daily, healthy, dietary habits. The temptation to "pop into" a fast food drive thru in the midst of a typical, hectic workday is palpable and ever-present. However, by developing the following  five dietary steps and putting these steps to daily use, one can resist these temptations and deliver to your body a healthy alternative that will leave you more energetic, less lethargic, and happier:
1.) Start Every Day with Breakfast-No Exceptions!
Many people complain that between getting the kids ready, showered, and dressed each morning, there is not enough time to fit in a hearty breakfast. Do NOT be one of these people! Scientific research has proven that breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day, leading to greater daily productivity and even leaner physiques. Avoiding breakfast each morning often leads one to compensate for those pangs of hunger by over-eating at lunchtime.
2.) Invest in a Diet Rich in Whole Grains
What better way to start each morning than with a hearty bowl of whole grain cereal or a whole grain bagel or toast? Whole grains are rich in fiber and vitamins and minerals that help fight several forms of cancer, diabetes, and stroke as well as high cholesterol. A bonus for a diet rich in whole grains? Because whole grains hold high concentrations of fiber, the average person feels more easily satisfied and more full for a longer period of time.
3.) Widen Your Horizon with Your Food Choices
Human nature as it is, we often shop and cook the same, familiar foods that have brought us satisfaction over the years. Rather than returning to these "go-to" meals, expand your dietary horizons and experiment with new, food choices that will reward you with additional nutritional value. A diet that expands upon traditional meats and breads into fruits, vegetables, nuts, and oils will introduce you to a new frontier of vitamins and rich antioxidants.
4.) Cook Dinner at Home
The modern American lifestyle naturally lends itself to a quick trip to the nearest fast food option at dinnertime. Instead, resist this unhealthy trend and make dinner at home for yourself. By cooking a home meal, you are empowered to control how much food is served and what type of ingredients are included and avoided. Rather than the standard, huge portion sizes found at most American fast food vendors, you can maintain healthier, portion sizes at home and also enjoy the spiritual and emotional benefits of joining with family members around the dinner table.
5.) Be Smarter about Snacking Options
All of us invest in an occasional snack throughout the day to reinforce and supplement our energy and mood levels. In concert with three meals every day, a daily lean protein snack can reward you with an additional, diverse means of acquiring invaluable protein as well as vital vitamins and minerals. Peanut butter or nuts are optimal examples of lean protein snacks that can enhance blood sugar levels and fill out any nutritional gaps you might have throughout the day.
By employing these 5 daily, dietary steps, one can develop healthy alternatives that can lead to a leaner body and facilitate a more energetic disposition and happier frame of mind. Remember: we ARE what we EAT!!!!