Many adults have jobs that require steady travel as a condition of employment. Several of my Mia Brazilia clients will often share with me how hard it is to maintain their dietary and exercise habits while on the road. In an effort to alleviate some of those lifestyle concerns, I offer the following five, daily exercise tips that are ideal for people who are traveling or on the road:
1.) Power Warm-Up
Find an open space within your hotel room or in any hallway. Standing erect with your abs tight, step with your right foot forward while hugging your left knee into the chest. Then, step with your left foot forward while hugging your right knee into the chest. Next, step with your right foot backward, bending your left knee and grabbing your left ankle with your left hand, making sure to extend your right arm up by the ear. Step with your left foot backward, bending your right knee and grabbing your right ankle with your right hand, making sure to extend your left arm up by the ear. Repeat this forward-backward movement at least three times. This is one full set. Perform 2-3 Power Warm-Up sets.
2.) Walking Lunge
Begin with a long step forward with your right foot, simultaneously bending both knees 90 degrees and lowering into a full lunge while your upper body rotates to the right, arms moving overhead in a circle. Insure that your abs remain tight and shoulders align to hips. Step left foot next to right and repeat motion, stepping right foot back. Continue this movement, alternating sides for each rep, moving to the other end of the hotel room, hallway, or open space and back. Perform 2-3 sets.
3.) T-I Extensions
Lie facedown onto the floor with arms extended in line with your shoulders, thumbs up, and legs hip-width apart. Next, slowly extend your spine and lift your chest slightly off the floor. Now, lift your chest higher and raise your thighs off the floor while reaching arms back towards your hips. Return to starting position. Perform 2-3 sets.
4.) Plank Shrug
Assume forearm plank position with both forearms shoulder-width apart, hands in fists, abs tight, and feet hip-width apart. Now, shrug your shoulders by motioning your shoulder blades back and together again (make sure your arms remain extended during this process). Push down through your forearms to press your chest away from the floor, thus enabling you to separate your shoulder blades. Continue by doing 2-3 sets.
5.) Camel Pose
Kneel on the floor with your toes pointed outward and hands fully behind hips (like placing your hands into your back pockets). Extend your spine, lifting your chest and slowly allowing your head to fall back. If you are able to extend further, try to walk your hands toward the back of your heels to actually achieve the full camel pose effect. If you can't do this, then  simply keep your hands behind your hips. Maintain this hold for 10 seconds. Repeat with 2-3 sets.
Traveling for work or pleasure need not be a death sentence for your daily or weekly exercise regimen. By embracing these five, simple yet portable, exercise tips while living on the road, anyone can insure that their exercise demands can be accomplished without the need for a visit to the gym.