I am Kaneta the founder and CEO of Mia Brazilian since 2015.  My heart and soul is helping women on transformational life journeys find love within themselves and grow from a beautiful caterpillar into soaring butterfly!  While my business was conceived in a time of need filled with fear and many uncertainties it also was a time of personal evolution that eventually saved my life.  Today, in 2024, almost 20 years later I am still evolving and transforming!  Additionally, my business has mirrored my personal transformation and what was once an activewear company has now become an upscale, fashion forward, clothing line with pieces that can be worn to transform a woman from being a social butterfly out on the town, at a resort - to feeling sexy at home while in her cocoon.  

I am a survivor of abuse and instead of allowing my past to ruin my future I became an activist for myself and other victims and therefore entered the “ring”!  To gain my wings as a survivor, I became a martial arts enthusiast and an undefeated Muay Thai Kickboxer.  I promised myself I would never again be victimized and I wanted to help other women gain strength and taught karate and self defense.  It was during this time, I dreamed of designing an innovative line of women’s activewear that would embrace the beauty and femininity of the female figure and include the reality of the Goddess like proportions and strengths accentuating the bootie, the breasts, strong arms and legs!  

Many people ask where the name Mia Brazilian originated.  My only child, the keeper of my heart, is Mia!  I have often told the story about Mia saving my life - my daughter’s presence in my world forced me to focus on safety, health, and success!  I needed money for our life but more importantly I needed to be a role model for my child and help her understand, starting at a young age, that we all need to create the life we want to live!  This was no small feat and I had to learn how to balance life as a mother taking care of her child with my own needs including the need to become a fearless woman!  So, where does the Brazilian come from?  I wanted a life filled with color, happiness, sexuality, and spirituality - all traits belonging to Brazilian women!

Mia Brazilian clothing is based in San Diego.  I am so fortunate to be a part of many artist communities and my clothes and I can be found weekly at the local farmers markets.  My true passion is helping women feel great about themselves and I would love to help you find pieces that are not only functional but make you feel like a Sexy Goddess!  I create clothing in sizes from xxs-medium as it is hard to find clothing that fits petite frames.  The inseams on my clothing range from 29 inches to 32 inches and many of my pants and jumpsuits are adjustable.  If you are in need of a longer inseam please contact me directly.  I use all natural fabrics that feel great on the naked skin.  I do not line my clothing as it is meant to be breathable, natural and feel soft next to your bare body.

My selection of clothing items range from bright colors to subtle yet sexy neutrals.  I have now traveled with Mia around the world and found inspiration in the colors of our shared journeys. I am part Greek and you will find the signature Grecian blues and whites in my collection as well as the bright reds, pinks and fun colors found in Brazil.  I focus on jumpsuits, pants, sports bras, fun and sexy tops and Goddess like dresses and skirts that are appropriate wear for festivals, vacations, working out, and staying in with loved ones.

The transformation of my business has been a wonderful ride on a fun path. Some of my greatest accomplishments include:

Functional activewear with a side of sexy as it can be worn during a class, out dancing, at home with your partner or just on those days you need a pick me up and all outfits include my signature ruching to elevate and accentuate the booty

Ceremonial outfits for spiritual communities

Creating surgical wear including surgical sleeves

Sports bras for breast cancer survivors

Fitness bands that have been used by NFL teams

Designed jeans for Heart and Huntington Denim

I am so excited to be opening my new online store!  However, building community and meeting new people will forever be my focus.  I find that each day, each new person, each new soul and each new heart helps me grow and I cannot wait to meet you in person!  Let’s become Powerful Butterflies together and soar!

Lots of love, transformation and light!