As the owner and designer for my women's collection, Mia Brazilia, I navigate a rewarding yet challenging career that necessitates a  significant commitment of time to fulfill my company's vision and mission statement. In the United States of 2020, millions of American women follow similar professional paths, balancing and juggling work, family, and faith. Not surprisingly, a popular trend in the travel industry has nourished and taken root in response to the additional stresses that women face today in the modern workplace: the Girls Trip. While a family-centric trip or travel adventure with a spouse or significant other can afford a welcome escape from the pellmell of work obligations, the Girls Trip has an aura reserved all to itself: recreational bliss with your girlfriends in a beautiful oasis with nary a work-related concern to trifle with your serenity. However, for many women who aspire to plan a girls trip with girlfriends, the vexing question remains: What destination is best suited for a Girls Trip? Here are my four Girls Trip Ideas for 2020 guaranteed to provide maximum entertainment and relaxation:
1.) Aruba
  • Nestled in the southern reaches of the Caribbean Sea, the island nation of Aruba evokes the archetypal setting of a Caribbean masterpiece: white, sandy beaches, inviting, friendly people and perfect, year-round weather. Located outside of the Hurricane Belt, Aruba is spared nearly all of the seasonal storms that afflict other Caribbean island chains. Furthermore, the prices for lodging, food, and entertainment generally runs far cheaper than other popularized islands such as the Turks and Caicos and Grand Cayman Islands. As the owner of Mia Brazilia, i had to fly on a business trip to Aruba. What an amazing experience! Aruba's stunning beaches and warm people immediately won me over. I knew right then that I would be returning to this island shortly with my girlfriends in tow. Sure enough, a few months later, I took a week off from Mia Brazilia and journeyed back to the spiritual island with four of my girlfriends. From snorkeling and scuba diving to kitesurfing to discovering the backcountry in an open-air UTV, my girlfriends and I flirted with all of the outdoors amenities that Aruba offers. Our evenings were just as enjoyable as we enjoyed four-star cuisine at the myriad restaurants at the Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Regency, and Marriott hotels that run along the Palm Beach district. The Hyatt Regency even houses a Casino with an endless array of blackjack and poker tables to test your wily gambling acumen. The only requirement for a Girls Trip to Aruba: bring plenty of sunscreen and a nice pair of flip-flops. The island will take care of all of the rest.
2.) Miami, Florida
  • There may be no place in the United States that is more perfectly geared toward the 2020 Girls Trip fantasy than Miami, Florida. With its swanky, chic South Beach boutiques, Art Deco flavor, and miles of beaches and nightlife opportunities, Miami can never be accused of arousing boredom among its visitors. With the national launch of Mia Brazilia back in 2005, I was invited to host several fashion shows and develop accounts in the Miami metropolitan area. Frankly, after attending to the business side of things, I never wanted to leave! Any girls trip to Miami should include a visit to the Miami Design Destrict, wholly devoted to the hobby that every loves: shopping! With over eighteen blocks of boutiques, art galleries, and designer flagship stores, there will something for each of your girlfriends to admire and test her self-resolve. Of course, with all of that shopping, balance and order will need to be restored with exploring one of Miami's fabled spas. The Mandarin Oriental and Royal Palm both offer splendid spa services on their respective, beautiful grounds. The fine dining in Miami is diverse and innovative with Caribbean and Latin infusions of spices and flavors. If you enjoy dancing as much as I do, Miami has an excellent list of top-notch nightclubs that cater to people from all age groups and demographics. With such much to do and see in Miami, sleep will be the last thing on your mind during a Girls Trip there. Trust me!
3.) Austin, Texas
  • One of the hippest cities in the United States, Austin, Texas, has become a unique blend of Southwest chic, with glitzy skyscrapers, a vibrant music nightlife scene, and healthy, outdoor living. Several years ago, I serendipitously chanced upon Austin when invited to attend an activewear trade show on behalf of my fashion collection line, Mia Brazilia. The experience was so memorable that i quickly returned with my girlfriends in tow several months later. From our downtown hotel, we walked over to South Congress Avenue and reveled in the trendy menagerie of boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and music hotspots. Before long, each of us had voluntarily transformed into Cowgirl Chic with a complete makeover for the weekend.  Austin is a musical paradise with dozens of musical stages citywide devoted to main-line acts as well as aspiring, up-and-comers. My girlfriends and I stepped into the Moody Theater and experienced an evening at the Austin City Limits Live venue, tapping our toes to the tunes of country western bands playing on stage.
4.) Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Descending into the Valley of the Sun during 2020 on a Girls Trip, the first imagery that strikes you is the sprawling, world-class resorts and adjoining golf courses that criss-cross the desert landscape. The Fairmont Princess, the Phoenician, Arizona Biltmore, and the Boulders are only a few of the top-notch destination hotels that provide a soothing setting to savor spa treatments, outdoor, year-round golf, and fine dining against a scenic, rustic orange-red, desert backdrop. If your cohort of girlfriends are up for it, take them on a morning hike up iconic, Camelback Mountain to enjoy the morning sunset while gazing across the awakening city below. Meander through the enticing streets of Old Town Scottsdale, resplendent with galleries and stores devoted to a Southwest flair and panache. Saunter back to your hotel and sip margaritas pool-side in a cabana at one of your resort's swimming pools. Scottsdale resorts are globally-renowned for their state of the art spas, offering an enticing menu of massages, facials, and wraps that will leave each of your girlfriends feeling pampered.
With the dawn of a new decade upon us, the popularity of the Girls Trip as a healthy and holistic, self-rejuvenation project from the rigors of everyday life will only intensify. An annual Girls Trip is an imperative for me to keep my work schedule with Mia Brazilia kept in its proper perspective. Pamper yourself as well and make a resolution to share a journey of discovery and relaxation with your girlfriends this year. Whether you travel to Aruba, Miami, Austin, or Scottsdale, invoke a Girls Trip during 2020 that will leave you feeling refreshed and re-connected to your support system of girlfriends.