With the growing popularity of Mia Brazilia's Bottom Band ($30 retail), I am often approached by customers eager to learn which resistance band exercises provide the greatest promise for a firm, stacked, and shapely butt. While there are an endless array of Bottom Band-based workout stations to choose from, the following five Bottom band steps will deliver immediate and  rewarding fitness results that will leave your booty stacked and loaded:
1.) Lateral Slide
  • The lateral slide is a great initiation into the world of resistance band training, incorporating all of the prominent muscles of your butt region including the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimum, and gluteus medius. Place the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band around your ankles. Stand in a shallow squat with your feet hip-width apart with your hands either on your chest or hips. Begin the lateral slide routine  by taking a step to your left with your left foot so that your feet are now shoulder-width apart. Then, proceed with your right foot so that your feet now resume their hip-width orientation. Take three steps to the left, followed by three steps to the right. This cycle counts as one repetition. Your goal at the lateral slide station is to achieve 15 to 20 repetitions. It is imperative to monitor that your abs remain activated with your center of gravity stationed there and that tension in the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band remains constant.
2.) Back and Front Band Walk
  • As the name implies, the Back and Front Band Walk requires a movement backward with the Bottom Band followed by a movement frontward. Begin by placing the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band around your ankles and stand once again with your feet hip-width apart. Next, bend your knees slightly and lean forward slightly at the hips, maintaining abdominal engagement and insuring that your glute muscles remain tight. Start the back and front walk by taking ten steps backward. Follow up the backward step movement immediately by taking ten steps forward. This qualifies as one repetition. Try to complete 15-20 repetitions for a vigorous activation of your glute and lower body muscle groups. Proper form is crucial to execute the band walk appropriately, with your shoulders back and back lying flat to prevent any hunching over.
3.) Ankle Jumping Jacks
  • One of the more popular resistance band workout stations, ankle jumping jacks are often performed during group fitness classes at your local gym to activate dormant glute muscles. Start by placing the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band around your ankles and assuming a shallow squat with your feet hip-width apart. Your hands at this point should be locked in together at your chest level . Start by pushing both feet outward in a jumping jack motion. Each jump out of your feet constitutes one repetition. Perform this ankle jumping movement with the band for a full twenty repetitions to achieve the desired glute engagement. Avoid jumping up too high and land properly on the heels of your feet, not the toes, as this will shift the weight and resistance to your knees and legs, not your butt.
4.) Squat-Lateral Leg Lift
  • Once you have properly mastered the lateral slide, back and front walk, and ankle jumping jack, you will be able to graduate to the even more challenging squat-lateral leg lift compound, band station. Take your Mia Brazilia Bottom Band and place it around your knees, standing with your feet hip-width apart. Situate your hands at either your hips or at your chest. Bend your knees slowly and assume a full squat position. Stand back up from the squat position and lift your left leg out to the side, keeping your knee straight. Return your left leg to the floor in one smooth motion. Squat again. Now, stand back up lift your right leg out to the side, insuring the knee remains straight. Return your right leg to the floor. This completed step qualifies as one repetition. Repeat for 15-20 repetitions, alternating sides during each repetition. As with the other band exercises, it is important to maintain good form throughout, with the core region engaged and no arching of the back.
5.) Donkey Thrust
  • The Donkey Thrust delivers a powerful booty burn that fire up your glutes, hips, quads, and hamstrings. Begin by placing the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band around the bottom of your right foot and left ankle. Station yourself on all fours on the floor or a gym mat. Your knees should be under your hips and your hands situated under your shoulders. Start by kicking your right leg up, keeping your foot flexed and knees bent. Hold for no longer than two seconds at the top. Return your right leg to the floor to count as one repetition. Continue on the same side for 15-20 repetitions before switching sides and repeating for 15-20 repetitions. Your body will be under stress the longer your maintain the hold position at the top of each repetition.
Resistance Band training is a proven, fitness methodology for those men and women seeking a firmer, more toned butt and lower body. The worldwide appeal and success of the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band is due to its superior elastic technology that offers maximal tension and superior performance results when applied appropriately. The Bottom Band is also ideally suited for the modern, global citizen who is traveling or always "on-the-go" with its convenient packing and portability. Whether you enjoy executing the Lateral Slide, Back and Front Walk, Ankle Jumping Jack, Squat-Lateral Leg Lift, or the Donkey Thrust, a comprehensive, resistance band workout with the Mia Brazilia Bottom Band will leave you with an enviable, stacked booty.