As the inventor of the best-selling Mia Brazilia Bottom Band, I am often asked by fitness consumers, "How can I improve my level of endurance and stamina?" While all of us can visualize "elevating our fitness game," when it comes to actually implementing the actionable, necessary steps, few of us know in which direction to begin. Mia Brazilia would like to offer you 5 basic, yet fundamental steps that will undoubtedly improve your level of overall fitness and health:
1.) Fire up the Intensity!
  • For many fitness enthusiasts, it is common practice to settle into a preordained, "tried and true" exercise regimen that one revisits week in and week out. While this "autopilot" mode might be reassuring to some people, your body will eventually settle into a stagnant phase if you fail to show adaptability to your workout. One of the first steps that i always recommend is to elevate the intensity level of your workout constantly. This means implementing  short, recurring intervals of a "sprint phase" into your workout . Whether your workout incorporates band resistance, running, swimming, or weight training, it is important to switch into a "sprint mode" that allows you to really feel the burn in your muscles and lungs from your elevated intensity.
2.) Shorten the Recovery Phase
  •   Everyone deserves a break during any invigorating workout. However, taking TOO much time off in between cycling runs, swimming laps, or weight training will diminish the endurance of your body's musculature system. Instead, increase your muscle stamina by slashing your recovery time between workout breaks to 30 seconds. To do this, you will likely have to lower the resistance in your workout while raising the number of repetitions performed. Limiting your recovery phase to 30 seconds in a circuit training mode will avail your body's ability to build up stamina and endurance.
3.) Resist Over-training!
  •      While it is commendable to improve your level of endurance by ramping up intensity and diminishing recovery phase, it is nevertheless imperative that you are cognizant of your body's need for rest and recuperation. Without it, you may likely begin to feel a diminished level of stamina and decreased return on your muscles' investment. Take at least 1-2 days off per week from your workout regiment and instead engage in a more relaxing, fitness activity like a walk with the dog, a cycling ride on a bike path, or a yoga class. Your mind-body relationship and overall holistic health will thank you for it!
4.) Do not under-train though!
  •     Along with intensity level, it is crucial to remain disciplined during your quest at improving stamina and endurance. To achieve this goal, it is recommended that you engage in a vigorous, challenging workout at least 3-5 times per week and that each workout is no shorter than 20-25 minutes per day. By maintaining a disciplined approach to your weekly, workout schedule, your body should be able to grow stronger and more resilient by the week.
5.) Engage Your Mind to Succeed
  •      The initial steps taken to improve your overall fitness level may appear daunting at first. Human nature as it is, we are wont to return to our normal, predictable routines. Resist this notion! Deploy the strongest muscle of the human body, your brain, to inspire you to reach beyond the tried, and challenge yourself to aim the "un-tried", yet attainable. Once your mind chooses this "path less taken," your body CAN and will conform to this stimulus.